Can I purchase a race entry only?
No. For all of our races all of the race entry slots we offer will only be offered in conjunction with our ground package.

Do I need a Visa?
Depending on your citizenship and the country that you are traveling to this will decide whether you need a visa. We recommend that you go to your destination countries website for further clarification.

How can I pay?
If in the US you can pay by check, Visa, Mastercard. Discover Card, Bank Transfer or Paypal invoice. Outside of the US you can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Bank Transfer or Paypal invoice.

Do you have someone to unpack and assemble my bike?
We provide a professional bike mechanic with our ground package who is available for all your pre-race needs. If you wish to have your bike unpacked and assembled there is a $50 charge. If you wish to have the mechanic disassemble and pack your bike there is another $50 charge. Any questions regarding the services of our professional bike mechanic should be directed to Endurance Sports Travel.

If I don't want your full "ground package" can I purchase specific services?
No, we do not offer individual services, only a complete ground package.

Can I fly with my own CO2 cartridges?
We do not recommend it. Part of our ground package is that we will provide you (athlete) with two CO2 cartridges for race day. If you must use your own CO2 it would be best to check with the specific airline you are flying to ensure the safety of traveling with CO2.

Do I need to sign up for "day trips" prior to arriving for the race?
No, you can sign up for day trips once you arrive at the hotel. We do offer various post race, multi-day excursions, and these will need to be arranged prior to your arrival. Any questions regarding specific day trips should be brought to the attnetion of Endurance Sports Travel.

My family is coming to see me race but they have their own hotel. Can they use your transfer services?
No, the services we provide are for those clients who have purchased our complete ground package.

Do I need to get any shots/vaccinations before going onto the trip?
Endurance Sports Travel recommends that you contact your doctor/family physician or the CDC website before traveling.

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