Endurance Sports Travel Announces TriBike Transport Partnership

We are extending to you a "Partner Special" when you book a travel package with EST and bike shipping through TriBike Transport (TBT) to that same race.

Partner Special - $50 Discount
  • Offer valid for races that both EST and TBT service.
  • EST clients using TBT will have their bikes delivered to their hotel.

    As the Official Bike Transport Partner of IRONMAN, TriBike Transport (TBT) provides economical, hassle-free, fully-assembled bike transport service to races all over North America. Your bike will arrive to the race venue safe and sound and ready for pickup when the expo opens. Following the race, you'll simply return your bike to the TBT crew for smooth transport home then kick back and enjoy your post-race recovery.

    TBT also offers a couple of add-on services to improve your race experience. TBT provides Valet Service (i.e. they’ll schlep your bike and transition bags for you) as well as gear and wheel bag transport to your races for a small additional fee.

  • Endurance Sports Travel is proud to be an official travel partner for Trichile!

    Trichile is one of the most important triathlon web pages in South America, with a main focus in the growing Chilean market. Trichile provides, on a daily basis updated information, news, tips, race reports and results to triathletes and their families, coaches, race organizers, journalists, authorities and all the ones who love the sport. One of its main objectives is to contribute with the development of the sport of triathlon in Chile. Trichile aims to have an improved growth in triathletes, races, clubs, sponsors, among others things. Trichile is the network for the Chilean triathlon community.

    TRI ALL 3 SPORTS is a design and manufacturing company, specializing in transportation cases for athletic equipment. We have been producing racing bike cases and racing wheel cases for the past 21 years. We have been rated #1 in the industry according to the readers' polls of INSIDE TRIATHLON, VELO NEWS and BIKE MAGAZINE. TRI ALL 3 SPORTS products are endorsed by top triathletes, cyclists, adventure racers, mountain bikers, and snowboarders. We encourage all athletes to go hard, be safe, and ALWAYS wear a helmet.

    XTERRA WETSUITS are designed and engineered in San Diego to improve your open water swimming ability. As the leading American-based triathlon wetsuit company, XTERRA WETSUITS provides a significant advantage: without third party distributors, we are able to put additional resources into researching, designing, and manufacturing our suits. The XTERRA WETSUITS research and design team is comprised of world champion triathletes, world record swimmers, Olympic medalists, and passionate age group athletes. The end result: the fastest and best performing triathlon wetsuits in the industry.

    Right now, we are offering great deals on HED Wheels. Ken has been working and racing on HED Wheels since 1986. HED Wheels are the true innovators in producing aerodynamic racing wheels.

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