Trip Policy


* The services offered in our "packages" are a collection of discounted prices. We do not offer any additional discounts for groups unless otherwise specified.

* If no final payment has been received by the "Payment Due Date" and communication has been lost with the client(s), Endurance Sports Travel reserves the right to cancel the "package" with no refund of the deposit. Exact "Payment Due Dates" will vary from race to race. Any questions regarding your due date should be directed to Endurance Sports Travel. 

* All payments must be paid to Endurance Sports Travel 60 days prior to the "event" unless prior arrangements for cash or other payment have been made between Endurance Sports Travel and the "client" upon arrival. Exact "Payment Due Date" and "Price" will vary from race to race. Any questions regarding your due date should be directed to Endurance Sports Travel.

* Clients will not pay the hotel for the balance or any other portion of the "package" offered by Endurance Sports Travel. All payments will be made directly to Endurance Sports Travel.

* "Final" Payments for all trips will be requested approximately 60 days before the event.  Once the "Final" Payments are made to Endurance Sports Travel all payments are non-refundable. Exact "Final" Payment due date may vary from race to race.

* All clients are required to pay for a non-refundable deposit, generally $400, though this may vary by race or on a case by case basis. The $400 non refundable deposit is based on per room or per entry request or both and is non-refundable. For most races the $400 non refundable deposit will be applied towards the cost of your "package."

* If a client(s) cancels prior to the final "Payment Due Date", due to injury (EST may request medical note) or personal reasons, Endurance Sports Travel can refund all but the "non-refundable" deposit. Any and all cancellations made by the client, due to injury or personal reasons, inside the "Payment Due Date" are NOT subject to refund.

* If a client(s) changes room type and or hotel location we can accommodate this change until the room reads "Sold Out" on our website. After that, if there is adequate time and we are able to fill the room, the client may change to the room or hotel requested. As we offer our packages on a first come first serve availability there is no guarantee for a room change.

* All race entry slots sold by Endurance Sports Travel will be sold in conjunction with a "package." If you, at anytime cancel your "package" with Endurance Sports Travel you will automatically forfeit your race entry unless otherwise agreed upon with Endurance Sports Travel.

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